Friday, August 6, 2010

Fitness Secrets

Fitness is not just about having 6-pack abs or bulky muscles. In these professional fitness secrets, you will know how to start and maintain a personal weight loss fitness program.

Here are some of the tips on how to get started:

Consult a professional trainer, dietician, and/or physician first before undergoing bodybuilding trainings.
Get a help from health experts if you are fit to do certain workouts. Consultation is important for you not to experience fatigue, mental and muscle strain, and muscle failure. Just like in taking medicines, don’t self-medicate. Proper training knowledge will help you be equipped and be ready.

Create an organized fitness plan.
Set goals on what you want to achieve, and write it down so that you will be reminded of your progress.

Be consistent, but improving.
One of the most important parts in muscle weight gain is to stick to your plan. Time management is important to achieve your ideal weight and body built. As psychologists say, it takes 21 days or three weeks to form a habit. The key to losing weight and mass building is consistency in training. Be sure to record and check your body weight so that you will keep track on your program.

Gradually increase training as you progress.
It is not enough to have only one routine or exercise for the whole training. You must have various exercise orders so your muscles will be able to adapt new and harder

Don’t overtrain.
Achieving equilibrium should be on focus; too much will cause fatigue and stress—both physically and mentally. Many injuries occur because of poor form or over-training. Have enough warm-up and cardiovascular exercises before proceeding to a higher and tougher exercise.

Have a balanced diet and adequate sleep.
Workout and muscle fitness trainings are useless if you have poor eating habits. Learn to take control and be educated on proper nutrition. Focus on eating protein-rich foods as these will help you burn fat and gain muscle fast, and control your calorie intakes. Eating a lot of lean meats, fish, whole eggs, and whey protein are perfect during the training. Your nutritional program doesn’t have to consist of awful-tasting foods nor include junk foods in between meals. The secret to a proper diet is to eat real foods. It doesn’t necessarily mean organic, but it should be healthy and nutritious. Foods with no artificial ingredients are highly encouraged.

Keep yourself hydrated also since our bodies need large amounts of water. At least half a gallon of water is needed when undergoing a certain exercise program to replace lost minerals and to keep our bodies refreshed.

Muscle supplements are used to provide nutrients that are lacking. It shouldn’t be considered as a substitute for the diet.

Rest and sleep are as important as the whole exercise itself. Get adequate sleep to have the energy to go on the whole exercise program. Remember, if you overtrain yourself, it is not healthy and balanced anymore.

Lastly, maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy mind is as important as keeping your shapes up. After training your body, give yourself a time to relax. Having a balanced life is the most important fitness secret. Though professional fitness secrets are given to help you burn fat and lose or gain weight, every day gives you an option whether you will
stay fit or not.

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